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October 29, 2017

A Great Gift Idea for Sentimental Grandmas!!! For a limited time only, when you purchase a copy of Where a Booger Goes , you can add a Personalized Booger Buddy to the inside front cover of the book. A Personalized Booger Buddy is original artwork created just for you by Sean Long, illustrator of Where a…

Booger Background
October 9, 2017

Within the first three lines of dialogue, this dark comedy literally had the protagonist read the results from my Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory P-something with a P (it’s a 532 question peronality exam used by psychologists to diagnose mental abnormalities). The protagonist happens to be Sam, 18-year old senior in high school with high-functioning Autism.  Not…

Booger Background
October 4, 2017

You are Doing Improv with God: Ame-and! Yes, and. They’re the most important words in improv. They indicate that you agree with what your scene partner suggests, and you’re going to add to it. This agreement helps you establish the who, what and where of a scene, so the audience can understand and invest in…

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