First Antartica, Then Mars

I have a business article I’d like to develop for a publication like Forbes. I want to establish private land rights for Antarctica, establish a profitable geodesic distribution facility, where companies like Amazon, Fedex, and ConAgra can improve logistics.

The harsh conditions in Antartica would also serve as as an R&D Skunkworks to develop sustainable housing and mining operations on the moon and Mars. I sounds pretty far out there, but if you graph rising population levels along with rising sea levels, we’re going to have to either start relocating people or wait for an event where a lot of people die. I have design and architectural ideas for a facility in Antarctica.

If we test this in Antarctica, it will go a lot smoother when we go to Mars.

I’m also a real estate developer, property attorney, and I have an MBA from a top 20 program. Something like this will eventually happen, and it will raise many legal questions.

Can someone own property on the Moon or Mars? If someone establishes a robotic mining operation on Mars, do they own the land if they use and control the land? Would they be their own independent country under maritime laws, or would they be bound Earth-centric national identities? Can we privatize land sales in Antarctica, and if so, under what nationality? Apple has about $250B in cash reserves. What else are they going to spend it on; and where can their technology establish the next big market advantage? A joint operation between Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and Google would have enough cash to fund this and the skill set to advance it. So, is there anyone who cares and how do I get this idea in front of them.

And NASA is already working on it.  I say we test out their idea through private development in Antarctica.

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