PERSONALIZED ART by Illustrator Sean Long for your new BOOK

A Great Gift Idea for Sentimental Grandmas!!!

For a limited time only, when you purchase a copy of Where a Booger Goes , you can add a Personalized Booger Buddy to the inside front cover of the book.

A Personalized Booger Buddy is original artwork created just for you by Sean Long, illustrator of Where a Booger Goes.  Just add this product to your cart when checking out.  Then, email me at with a picture or pictures of your special little kiddo.  Sean will then render their likeness into a booger.  Using his own distinctive style, Sean will make your special little booger part of the book.  See the video on this page to watch as he captures the likeness of a little girl named Audrey and transforms her into what she would look like if she were one of the lovable boogers from the story, and puts her squarely on the lap of a booger Santa.


Sean is a versatile artist.  He can incorporate any details you like into your Personalized Booger Buddy.  Are you celebrating Haunkia?  Christmas?  Festivus? Does your kiddo play baseball?  Does he love the Seattle Seahawks?  A Can they stand on their head?  Did they win a hot dog eating contest?  Just include the details you want in the drawing in your email to me and Sean will make it happen.

The more pictures you send, the better the composite illustration will be.  Sean just stresses one thing:  PLEASE INCLUDE EYE COLOR in your email to me.  With Sean’s work, the old maxim proves true: the eyes are the window to the soul.  Just look at how well he captured Audrey’s likeness.

Sean will sign and date his original artwork.  Then I’ll take his custom illustration and paste it into the inside front cover of the book, Where a Booger Goes.  Then I’ll put a clear laminate cover over it.  It is a book about boogers written for little kids, so you can bet that I’ll protect your personalized illustration from splatter of any origin.  And Vola!  

What you get is a one-of-a-kind children’s book made just for your most precious little booger.  Children will delight at the idea that a real life book illustrator took the time to draw a funny picture just for them.  It connects kiddos with the idea that there really is someone on the other end of the book production process.  Even more, it’s a way to show your kiddos that people like myself and Sean Long really do think about them as they read the book.  It’s a unique personal connection between the reader and the book.  And it makes them part of the joke running throughout the book – that boogers are little people.

But you need to order early if you want to gift your special little booger with their own Personalized Booger Buddy in time for holiday gift-giving.  Original artwork takes time, and the holidays are fast approaching.  It’s unlikely that Sean will have time to make more than 100 Personalized Booger Buddies from now to the end of 2017.  If you want to give this special gift this holiday season, you really do need to order soon, because at some point, we will have to stop taking orders for this year.

Now, the Personalized Booger Buddy isn’t reserved for the holidays.  It’s a great gift idea for birthdays, bat mitzvahs, back-to-school, or just for fun.  So, please don’t fret if you don’t order yours in time for this holiday season.  But do place your order in time for that special day when you want to give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Other personalized books may put your kiddo’s name in the book, but that is a far cry from original artwork produced by the actual illustrator of the book.

It’s a great gift idea for the cool grandma to give their grandkids.  Children will love joining the book, making both the humor and the message all the more meaningful.  And as they grow into adults, their copy of Where a Booger Goes with a Personalized Booger Buddy will become one of their most cherished keepsakes from childhood.

And Personalized Booger Buddies are not just for the kiddos.  Sean can create a personalized illustration of anything you want.  My dog Lola is a great example.  She sneezes when she wants me to do something.  She is a boogery little animal, and she would make a great Personalized Booger Buddy for my own copy of the book.

It’s a great gift idea for adults too.  Is there a kindergarten teacher in your life?  I know from firsthand experience that kindergartens are filled with boogers.  What better gift idea than to give that teacher?  Not only do they get a booger book that they can read to their kiddos (and reduce germs in their classroom), it’s a way for that teacher to connect their kiddos to the idea that they have the power to make art (writing and drawing) that is meaningful to other people.  It’s a way to give a greater purpose to the labors of kindergarten learning.

And that’s just one example.  Maybe you want Sean to render your own image into the likeness of a booger so that the recipient will always remember how much fun they have with you.  Be creative.  Sean is your brush.  This is your chance to create a piece of original artwork that is meaningful to you and your loved ones in a way that uniquely speaks to your special relationship.

Let’s be honest, my grandmother never would have bought my book, let alone paid the illustrator to create a Personalized Booger Buddy.  And that’s what makes this such a special opportunity.  It’s a chance to connect and memorialize your special relationship with humor and love.  And, in the field of picture book illustrators who draw personalized booger images, Sean is in a league of his own.  Whatever image inspires you to commission your Personalized Booger Buddy, Sean will capture it’s essence.  He’s a professional artist.  And an excellent one at that.  You won’t be disappointed with the quality of his artwork.

Your Personalized Booger Buddy may also become a collector item.  It looks like I’m going to sell out of books this holiday season.  If this book hits it big, you have original artwork from the illustrator.  Imagine if Dr. Suess included original drawings in the early editions of his first books.  Those books would be worth a lot now.  Me and Sean are a good team, but we’re not Dr. Suess.  However, we do plan to sell a lot of books.  We plan to sell far more books that Sean can create Personalized Booger Buddies.  This original artwork will be rare, and we may not have time to make this offer again (we’re going to be real busy producing the next few books).  This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of Where a Booger Goes and it’s rising success.  And the rarity of this original artwork will make the book all the more treasured as a keepsake from childhood.


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