Removing Confederate Monuments has Nothing to do with Racism

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The Confederacy attacked the Unites States of America.  I don’t think that we as Americans should erect monuments to people who attack us.  I assumed that, as Americans, we could all get behind this.

In true improviser fashion, we can just “yes, and” that proposition to something like: We shouldn’t erect monuments that are racist, and we shouldn’t erect monuments to people who attack us.  I think both are self-evident truths that stand alone, and I can’t see any way that these are contradictory.

I took this post down because I thought a lot of its critics made some pretty good points.  So, from their perspective, they can call that a victory.  Although, they have successfully defeated an article calling to take down Confederate monuments.  I’m not sure why that would be a win for some people; but perhaps it’s not good enough that we all agree to take them down.  Perhaps it’s important that we all agree to take them down for same reasons.

Or, perhaps it’s more important that we all want the same thing; and we just need to stop talking so much to realize it.  So, that’s why I took the original post down.

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