Stress-Free Living with a 500-Year Life Plan

The Harbinger of Equality

People often talk about where they would like to be in a year or sometimes 5 years.  I’m not sure where I’ll be then, but I do know where I’ll be 500 years from now.

And so, I’ve created a 500-year life plan that literally guarantees that I will be as successful as Julia Roberts, Robert Kennedy, Puff Daddy, or even Stephen King.

I know I will be as successful as them because in 500 years, you won’t be able to tell us apart.  Literally.  Of course, Julia Robert’s skeleton may still have implants and a perfect smile, but they will be attached to a moldering corpse that looks a lot like mine.  At that point, our quality of life will be indistinguishable.

Sure, Julia Roberts will leave a legacy as well as a ton of money to her heirs.  And the Kennedy’s probably already have a library in their honor and it will still hold well-worn copies of Stephen Kings books (assuming there are still libraries and books in 500 years). And how could someone a poignant and timeless as Puff Daddy be forgotten.

These are all true.  But in 500 years, it’s not going to matter any to any of them than any more than it will to me.  We will all be equally dead.  Julia Robert’s heirs and the patrons at the Kennedy library will certainly stop to reflect upon their benefactors.  But those benefactors won’t know it because they will be dead.

All that we achieve in live we will be forced to give up upon our death.  Those achievements may go on to benefit other people, but that will speak to the quality of their life, not ours.  We will all just sit and quietly rot in our graves, wait another 500 years, and I’ll be just as rich as Stephen King’s great-great… grandchildren.

As morbid as this might sound, the 500-year life plan actually reduces the pressure I put on myself.  I don’t have to achieve as much in life when I can be certain that in 500 years, I’ll be as happy and successful as anyone alive on Earth today.

And that just where the benefits of the 500-year plan start.  The same success that I will have reaped in 500 years will stay with me for eternity.  Me and Julia Roberts will be equally dead in 1,000 years or 10,000 years.  This will remain true for the rest of forever, however long that lasts.

So, I may not know what life will bring me over the next five years. But I can relax, knowing that it will all workout in the end.  Even if I live to be 139, my life will be a flash-in-the-pan compared to how long I’ll be dead.  With the 500-year plan, I’m prepared for whatever life may bring.

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