Doctrine: UPWavers, Book 1 – the Autobiography of Existence

Existence speaks up
Embracing metaphysics
This guy gets it right
When Existence Comes Calling
Doctrine: UPWavers, Book 1
The Autobiography of Existence
By Dr. Sonny Saggar
The books is as funny as it is insightful, presenting itself as an autobiography written from the first-person perspective of Existence.  It’s as if the personification of Existence borrowed the author’s body to pen it’s thoughts.  The author frames his work exactly like that, and I actually think he’s serious.  To some that might seem self-aggrandizing, but I’ve met him, and he seems like someone Existence might borrow to write an autobiography of itself.
As early as the second paragraph of the book, I said to myself, “This guy gets it.”  Or, at least he gets something, and that something is a universe.  I say “a universe” because both the author and myself are open to the “many worlds” interpretation of existence.
Some of it can be fairly dense, representing a complex breakdown of metaphysical systems.  Here’s the thing:  it’s not that far off from my own internal beliefs about metaphysics.  There are differences for sure.  But the commonalities are too great to ignore.  If other people have the same or similar beliefs about this universe, and this book should give you the same sense of validation as it did me.
This book reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, only without dumbing down all of the syllogisms and equations. And it’s completely compatible with any religion denomination, and leads the reader to the conclusion that all major world religions really point to the same thing.
The audio version available at is especially well narrated for books of this sort, although I’d recommend buying a hard copy of the book to so that you can flip back and forth between sections for easy reference and review as concepts develop.  Not a book for the kids, but definitely a book for adults who see themselves as tall children.  Both myself and the author probably fall into that category, and if you’re lucky, you do too.

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