I’ll Take You Up On That Challenge, God

I’m taking the 10% challenge at FAITHSTL.ORG. I’ve been told that no one has ever asked for their money back. I could be the first.

Here’s the thing, I’m not going to lower the bar for God because I desperately need some sort of salvation. Turns out, I’m already saved and there’s nothing more I need to do to maintain my saved seat in Heaven.

I still have this life to manage, and intuitively I want to say that having less money will make day-to-day living more difficult.

So, from my perspective, God’s already starting out in a hole on this one. Not only should this challenge make my life less manageable, I’m turning over part of that management to Him. It’s like when you show up for your afternoon shift and there’s a huge mess and the guy from the morning shift says, “Well, I’m clocking out,” and leaves you with his mess to clean up.

Well, in that analogy, I will be playing the role of the morning shift employee. I’ve made a pretty good sized mess. And now I’m clocking out and giving it over to God to fix it.

And I guess that’s probably the point. We will see what happens. I actually think that I won’t be asking for a refund. And if that is the case, It won’t happen because I’m too embarrassed to ask FAITHSTL.ORG for my money back, I can assure you that.

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