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Below are the books I am working on.  It takes a long time to go from an idea to an actual book, so I can only put out two books in 2018.

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- Baker Andrews

    There are No Black Swans!Lola Gets a Little Boy: a 95% true taleLola’s Guide to Owning a PersonGreat Grandfather CakeThe World History of Boogers: a three-volume series

    There are No Black Swans!

    “Look! There’s a black swan!” says little Baker. But the adults in his life have never seen a black swan. Neither have they heard of a black swan. If there really were such a thing, certainly the adults would know about it. Yet, in the background is a mischievous bird that makes the impossible,
    possible. It might just change their minds, if only the adults could learn to see when something new has happened to them.

    The World History of Boogers

    A three-volumn series. What did the ancient Romans do when they had to sneeze? Did they cover their nose? Or, did they spray the guy next to them with snot? Answers to these compelling questions come in a three-volume series that explores booger management throughout the ages and around the world.

    Lola Gets a Little Boy: a 95% true tale

    Lola and her mother, Chase (who you might already recognize), take a stroll through my neighborhood of people cages. They need to find the right little boy for Lola to adopt. They peer into people cages and reflect on people behavior. When they finally find the right one, the ending is bittersweet. Yet, Lola knows her mom will always be there for her. And yes, this how I got my dog; she showed up on my porch one day and was kind enough to adopt me.

    Lola’s Guide to Owning a Person

    Did you ever wonder what your pets think of your daily routine? Lola flips the perspective of pet ownership and explains quirky human behavior from the viewpoint of a moderately-well trained dog. Lola works hard to take care of her little boy. She pulls him away from the Noisy Rectangle to make sure he exercises. She tries her best to house break him, but he still goes in the house. And they need to come to an agreement on how to use the toilet. He is a lot of work, and Lola loves every minute of it.

    Great Grandfather Cake

    Do you want a great cake? You have to follow the recipe to make the Great Grandfather cake. “The first thing you do is to take four eggs out of the carton. The second thing you do is throw two of those eggs out the window.” Baker’s father is teaching him the family’s secret recipe. Step one sounds OK. But step two doesn’t make any sense. Follow Baker and his father as they visit the elders in their family to answer one simple question: Why do we do it this way? The answer is not what you expect. It takes a child to ask what the adults should have figured out on their own.

    Have you read my first book yet? It's full of boogers (not literally).

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